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Intercultural Learning Module

CFANS's Canvas-based Intercultural Learning Module (ICLM) is a learning experience focused on culture, privilege, allyship, various cultural competence tools and resources, and the different stages of intercultural learning.  It can be imported into any UMN Canvas course and allows learners to make meaning of concepts by personalizing the content and offering multiple engagement opportunities. 

To further explore the ICLM, please visit the ICLM Facilitator Site.  Here, you will find information for importing, modifying, and using the ICLM in your own course.

If you have any questions about the ICLM, please don’t hesitate to contact the course designers: Sara Nystuen and Anna Capeder.  


January 6, 2022 DEC Overview & Showcase 

If you were unable to make the event or wish to revisit the content, please click HERE to see the recorded January 6, 2022 DEC Overview & Showcase. 


Land Water Place

The Land Water Place program provides access to materials in a variety of media that highlight the many ways issues of equity and justice intersect with matters pertaining to land, water, climate, and related subjects. Students and faculty are invited to use this site as a resource for different ways of understanding how subject matter interests intersect with urgencies around justice and equity. Each work, whether a piece of long form journalism, public scholarship, an essay, a scholarly article, or digital media, is introduced with a short post highlighting the work’s broad contribution to infuse equity and justice into traditional subject matter content.


GPS Alliance


Center for Educational Innovation