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Can you provide some tips and examples for the Brief Statement components?

Thank you to our faculty who have previously submitted DE Designator proposals for providing the below example language!

DE Designator Brief Statement requirement: Please include experience and understanding of intercultural competence, social justice, antiracism, etc.

  • Tip: Include a variety of experiences and ways in which you’ve deepened your understanding. Highlight any professional development for intercultural competence, social justice, anti-racism in this area. This includes workshops, courses, or conferences you have participated in. 

DE Designator Brief Statement requirement: “Please describe how this course could be a part of a sequenced curriculum that builds intercultural competence within a program from entrance into the program through graduation.”

  • Example Verbiage from ESPM 1011, Issues in the Environment
    • This is an introductory course for ESPM majors, who often take it their first semester. As a DE course, it would lay the foundation for further development of intercultural competences in later ESPM courses such as SPM 3014 Tribal and Indigenous Natural Resource Management.
  • Example Verbiage from FDSY 4101, Holistic Approaches to Food System Sustainability: 
    • This course is the culmination of the college careers for many Food Systems and Plant Science majors. Within the Food Systems curriculum, it is scaffolded upon critical building block courses, including Dr. Mary Rogers; FDSY 1016W and Dr. Hikaru Peterson’s APEC 3202 courses (also applying for the  DEC identifier) 

When are proposals due?

  • All proposals submitted by the first workday in September will be considered for the following Spring semester.
  • All proposals submitted by the first workday in February will be considered for the following Fall semester. 

How do I contact DEC/what is DEC's email address?

How do I subscribe to the DEC Google Group?

Anyone with an @umn.edu address can subscribe to the DEC Google Group.  Open Google Groups from your email account and search for "CFANS Diversity Enriched Curriculum" from the "All Groups" page and click on the "Join Group" button!

The full email address for the Google Group is: [email protected]


I've been approved for the designator and I want to include information in my syllabus. Can you help get me started?

Absolutely!  Feel free to edit this as necessary: 

The DE Designator

The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences is committed to graduating students with intercultural competence, that is, the ability to work across both cultural and individual differences effectively -- a skill that is necessary to every discipline in this college. This course has been approved for the Diversity Enriched (DE) college designator.  This means that you will have the opportunity, through assignments and activities, to develop the skills that are required for intercultural competence such as: understanding the role that culture plays in determining beliefs and actions, the ability to withhold judgment while learning about cultural differences, the ability to view issues from other cultural perspectives, and, eventually, the ability to blend these perspectives into novel approaches to the pressing issues of your discipline.

Specifically, you will:

  • Instructor to specify which of the DEC requirements/tools will be met from specific pieces of the course.  Instructors can pull from their DEC proposal and model after the Liberal Education themes currently existing in your syllabus.